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Pick Up Your Bag and Go Go!

At She Anna Bella, our signature product is our fabulous Pixie GoGo Purse Organizer! Stylish and mobile, the Pixie allows you to switch bags in a blink. From the purse that matched your outfit yesterday to the one that matches today. From your handbag to your briefcase. From your gym bag to the diaper bag. The Pixie ensures that all of your essentials are organized and at your fingertips. Just pick up your Pixie and go go!

Pixie GoGo Purse Organizer Front Back Four Colours

In the highest quality of manmade leather, the Pixie GoGo purse insert goes inside your handbag, keeping all of your essentials at your fingertips and allowing you to switch bags quickly!

The premium vegan leather of the Pixie creates a structured organizer that stands alone, unlike many other purse inserts on the market. This keeps items in their place and easily accessible!

Fabulous features include:

  • Lots of space
  • Four various sized front pockets for easy access to lipstick, pens, or business cards
  • Two large back pockets - perfect for holding any sized cell or smart phone!
  • 13 card slots inside - perfect back-up to store all those cards that take up important space in your wallet (you know, the ones that you rarely use!?!). Or ditch the wallet altogether and just use your Pixie!!
  • Inside middle zippered pocket - for coin storage or discreet items
  • Key tab

Inside of the Pixie Go Go Purse Insert

And let's not under-estimate the power of a pretty interior. Peek inside the Pixie to find a durable silk lining in a fun and bright pattern! Oh. So. Cute.


L8.5" x H6" x Width is expandable to 3.75"