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Host a She Anna Bella Party or Event

She Anna Bella offers an excellent income opportunity that is tailored to the lifestyle of each of our Fashionistas. Our reps can be as BUSY or CASUAL as they WANT with their She Anna Bella businesses! Some of our Fashionistas social sell to their family and friends. Some of our Fashionistas participate in shows, fairs, events and fundraisers. And some of our Fashionistas love the HOME PARTY scene and are looking for eager Hostesses who want to wear our trendy products FOR FREE!! What kind of FREE product are we talking about?

Pretty and FREE - When You Host a She Anna Bella Home PartyWhy don't we start with the FREE BOOKING GIFT that you may receive if you've booked your party from another She Anna Bella party or event (offer varies by Rep). Then, there's the FREE PURSE (up to a $50 purse credit) you'll receive just for HOSTING a party*. Then, we are going to give you a FREE BRACELET for having 15 or more guests. And because your party had over $500 in sales, you can pick out a FREE SCARF too! Now, if you did an excellent job of getting your friends excited and had fantastic attendance and party sales over $1000, then heck we'll even throw in a FREE WALLET.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you got EVEN MORE? Bring on the awesome then, because we ALSO give you 10% of your pre-tax party sales as a merchandise credit so you can put it towards your purchases. Oh, and did we mention that the HOSTESS GETS FIRST DIBS!! That's right, you get first grab at any of the fabulous product before your guests show up for the party!

Have fun with the girls. Host a She Anna Bella home party!

Let's recap in case we had you at FREE PURSE! When you host a party* we'll reward you with:

  • Free Purse / up to a $50 Purse Credit (for hosting a party*)

  • Free Bracelet (when you have 15+ guests in attendance)

  • Free Scarf (when your party sales reach $500)

  • Free Wallet (when your party sales reach $1000)

  • + 10% of your party sales in credit. So if you have a $1000 party, that gets you an additional $100 to shop with!

So what's up with the little * we keep putting beside the word party? Our definition of a 'party' for the purpose of loading you up with free loot is having at least FIVE purchasing guests. But hey, EVERY girl has 5 friends she can count on to buy when they are surrounded by pretty fashionable things, right?! Easy peasy!

Girls Night Out at a She Anna Bella Party!

We offer a UNIQUE style of home party. Our fabulous Fashionistas BRING product TO YOU and create a TRAVELING BOUTIQUE right in your home or at your work place! NO big long presentation. NO shipping charges. NO catalogue dated two months ago! At She Anna Bella, we release new lines every TWO WEEKS and our Reps will bring as much product as they can for your guests to see it, feel it and try it on! The trendiest fashion accessories around ... purses, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, scarves, and possibly even a selection of our wallets, sunglasses, hats and other seasonal items! OH MY is right!

Purses, Jewellery & Scarves Boutique in your home! Book a home party or event today!
 Different Reps will carry different levels of inventory depending on how she has chosen to run her business, so be sure to ask what to expect. Regardless of the amount of table space and couch cushions we'll take up displaying our products, we encourage you and your guests to hop online during the event and shop in our online catalogue as well. With bi-weekly releases of NEW products, the options are endless, and our Fashionistas can order anything that you fall in love with!

Purses, Jewellery & Scarves Boutique, book your home party or event today!
So no doubt you're wondering - how do I get the She Anna Bella Boutique at my house for me and my friends? Well, you'll just need to find yourself a Rep in your area! Click to find a She Anna Bella Fashionista and get your party booked so that you too can join our Hostess Club! Choose a Rep and contact her at the information provided to find out if she's active in the home party segment of our business!

What if there isn't a Fashionista in your area? Well ...WHAT are YOI love being a She Anna Bella Fashionista RepU waiting for?! Get signed up NOW for as little as $179.99 to join our sales team as we grow across Canada! If your geographical area is open for the taking, why wouldn't you jump at the opportunity to experience fashion, FUN and the freedom to be your own boss with She Anna Bella?! Earn an excellent income for yourself and your family, all while enjoying some social girlie time. Don't wait, grab the chance to GET STARTED now!