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About Us

Founded by two friends, She Anna Bella started with the good old fashioned girls-night-out model of home parties. It began as a partnership to give the two women an excuse to get out of the house and make some money while having fun (and while personally feeding their habit for handbags!). Customers were constantly asking if this was a national direct selling business and how they could become a rep, so to respond to popular demand the company rolled out the opportunity to become a sales rep, naming the role 'Fashionista'

Ambitious ladies started signing up all across Canada and threw themselves into their very own purse Purses, Jewellery, Scarves. Buy online or contact a Fashionista today!and jewellery home party business with passion and pride. The company has continued to evolve, offering online shopping, and the opportunity for Reps to go full force into the home party scene or just sell casually through online orders. Either way, you can be sure that you are getting the trendiest items at the most affordable prices ... and you are supporting Canadian women and their families in the process. Purses, jewellery and scarves ... OH MY!!

Realizing the huge opportunity that this business had to move forward nationally, focus was put on creating a solid infrastructure, an incredible training program for reps, and systems and procedures at HQ that would provide accurate and efficient operations. A strong Mission Statement and inspiring Code of Ethics was written that the management, staff and reps could use to guide themselves into success. The overall goal? To offer great products at great prices so that all of our customers can feel fabulous about their purchases and enthused about their She Anna Bella experience. But, even deeper than this, is the confidence, freedom and inspiration we are offering to women all across the country as we train them to run their very own successful fashion accessory businesses from home!

Many changes have been made to our model along the way to help keep up with the competition in the direct selling industry. We are not just about home parties anymore! Yes, we continue to have Fashionistas that focus their efforts on the income earning potential that home parties offer, and with our unique and laid back approach to the party scene, they have sure-fire success here. But, we also now offer customers across Canada the opportunity to SHOP SHE ANNA BELLA online and have product delivered right to their door! This has opened up an avenue for Fashionistas to sign up and sell online in a more casual approach to the direct selling model.

Purses, Jewellery & Scarves. Buy Online or Contact your Fashionista Today to Order.With NEW RELEASES of gorgeous product every two weeks, we are setting the bar in the industry for selection. And with prices beginning at $5 and most everything under $60, we are in a league of our own for affordability in the direct selling market! Whether Fashionistas are booking their calendar with home parties, events and fundraisers or simply selling to family and friends online, reps can earn anywhere from 15% - 50% commissions on sales of quality product that every woman loves spending money on! Our Fashionistas can be as busy or as casual as they want to be with their businesses! But the point is that they can EARN MONEY while promoting and selling something that is fabulous and fun! Does it get any better than that?

Our products are a variety of classic styles mixed with the hottest and latest trends off the runways! She Anna Bella hot on the runway!We have truly branded our She Anna Bella Style and our loyal customers can easily spot one of our handbags or scarves in the line up at the bank or grocery store!

We have become known as experts in the fashion industry and you can feel confident that the handbag you're slinging, the scarf you're flinging and the jewellery you're blinging IS the hottest thing out there in the market!

Our incredible Fashionistas and Unit Directors are setting goals for themselves and their businesses and working every day to make them happen. These women are providing opportunities for themselves and their families by taking their love of the business and making it work for them and for their lifestyle! She Anna Bella HQ has worked hard to position this company at the forefront of the industry and with a strong start under our belts, one thing is for sure ... the future is bright. But we have a lot of growing to do and we need your help! Our dream is to be the 'next Tupperware' across Canada, to be a household name and to forge ahead paving the path with pretty things along the way! Be part of this incredible company by PURCHASING and joining our loyal customer base OR by BECOMING A FASHIONISTA for as little as $179.99 AND don't forget to LIKE OUR PAGE on Facebook where we have daily tips, inspiration and humour and best of all, we are known to do giveaways of FREE items every now and then! Your support means everything to us and we'll work hard to continue to prove our appreciation.